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Why can't I make another transaction right now?
Why can't I make another transaction right now?

We encourage responsible spending, so we have some restrictions to keep your account safe

Updated over a week ago

At Zilch, we encourage responsible spending, and in certain circumstances restrict the amount of purchases you can make at once.

Below are a few reasons why you have not been able to make a purchase right now:

  • First purchase: For your first transaction we set some restrictions on your account for security purposes. The second installment on your first purchase cannot be paid off early, however, once the second installment in paid off you can pay off the rest on that transaction early if you'd like.

  • Available balance: You have a certain amount you can spend with us, and once you have hit that limit, you need to pay off some of your open transactions to be able to spend more. Please go into "Purchases & Payments" to pay off what you owe in order to make more purchases.

  • Open Transactions Limit: You may have too many open transactions with us. You will need to go into your purchases and pay off some of them before you can make another transaction.

  • Transaction Limit: Zilch puts certain limits on transactions for your safety. Velocity limits serve as a security measure, with the aim of preventing fraudulent activities.

  • Daily Spending Limit: You may have a daily debit card spending maximum set on your card by your bank. Daily limits are placed on your card by your bank for security reasons.

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