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How do Zilch Rewards work?
How do Zilch Rewards work?

Find out what Zilch Rewards are, how to use them and where to use them. Spending just got exciting

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What are Zilch Rewards

Rewards are Zilch’s way of rewarding you, helping you save on your next purchase. They can be used to discount your next spend or you can save them for a bigger future purchase.

How to earn Zilch Rewards

You can earn Zilch Rewards and get 2% cash back whenever you Pay now. Once you've completed a Pay now purchase, your Zilch Rewards will be added to your account instantly.

Please note that $1 = 100 Zilch Rewards.

Can I earn Rewards on Pay over 6 weeks purchases?

Sorry, Rewards don’t apply to Pay over 6 weeks purchases.

How to spend Zilch Rewards

To use Zilch Rewards online:

  • Browse shops on the Zilch app and choose your online store.

  • Choose how you’ll pay. You can “Pay over 6 weeks” or “Pay it all now”.

  • Slide the Rewards toggle, then select “Enable card” and you’re good to go.

When you've enabled Zilch Rewards online, these rewards will be deducted from your total purchase price. You’ll be able to see the amount on the purchase page within Zilch.

Also, remember that Zilch Rewards are non-refundable and any purchases made through rewards cannot be sent back, so spend wisely!

Are Zilch Rewards refundable?

Unfortunately, Zilch Rewards are non-refundable.

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