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What if I can't find a store in the app?
What if I can't find a store in the app?

Learn about Zilch Anywhere and how you can use it to Pay now or Pay over 6 weeks to earn Rewards

Updated over a week ago

With Zilch, you are not limited to the stores featured in the app. You can shop wherever Mastercard is accepted, we call this Zilch Anywhere!

If you can't find your favorite store in our Featured section of the app, follow the instructions below to shop anywhere with Zilch.

  1. Log into your app and click Zilch Anywhere.

  2. Select Online and click Continue.

  3. Select how you want to pay and click Continue.

  4. From here, you can enable auto-billing or leave it disabled and click Continue.

  5. Tap the agreement toggle to agree to the loan agreement and click Enable card.

  6. Tap the card to copy the card number and you're ready to shop Anywhere!

  7. Simply enter your card details at checkout.

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