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Updating Your Personal Details
Updating Your Personal Details

Find everything you need to know about updating your details

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Adding a New Debit Card:

Log in to your Zilch account and settle any pending payments.

Head to the menu at the bottom of the Zilch app, Tap My Account then tap Zilch Account Details. Tap Debit Card and click Update Debit Card to enter your new card details.

If you're using the browser , select your name at the top right corner then Settings. On the left side press Debit Card, and hit Update Debit Card.

Updating an Address:

If you are a fully registered customer and have already repaid a loan with Zilch, you can update your details in the Zilch App. Head to the menu in the top-right corner, click Settings, and select Personal Details to update your address.

If you are a new customer and want to update your address, we ask that you submit one of the following proof of address documents to our Customer Support Team for verification purposes:

  • A bank or credit card statement

  • Tenant Contract/Lease

  • A utility bill (for example: gas, electricity, water or telephone)

Please note your proof of address document needs to be dated within the last 3 months and submitted in the form of one scanned/photo documented copy of a physically mailed letter, or two screenshots from different sources that prove your address.

Changing a Phone Number:

To change the mobile number associated with your Zilch account, head to My Account at the bottom, select Personal Details and hit Edit next your phone number in the Zilch App.

If you have recently downloaded Zilch on a new cell phone and have a new phone number linked to it, you will need to contact our Customer Support Team to update your contact details.

Changing your Name in the Zilch App:

If you would prefer to be called by a different name in the Zilch App, you can update your preferred name under your Personal Details within My Account.

If you legally changed your name or need to correct a typo, you will need to contact our Customer Support Team to correct you name.

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