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What happens when I return my items?
What happens when I return my items?

We all buy things but change our minds. The great thing is that with Zilch getting a refund is hassle free.

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Why am I still being charged when I returned my order?

You can complete a refund for your order as you normally would online or in-store. As soon as we receive your refund from the store, we will check whether you have an outstanding balance on your purchase.

Full Refunds:

If you’ve returned your entire order and the full order has been refunded, all future payments will be cancelled and any payments made will be refunded.

Partial Refunds:

If you’ve returned some items in your order and received a partial refund, we’ll apply this to your installments to reduce future payments. If your partial refund is larger than the balance you have left to pay, then we’ll refund you the difference. Generally, refunds are applied starting with your final payment, working backwards to earlier payments.

What happens to my payments when an order is refunded?

After returning your order, it may take several days for the merchant to accept the return and process 
a refund – especially if you’ve returned items through the mail.

Until Zilch receives the refund from our merchant, your original payment schedule with Zilch will continue.

If you’re expecting a refund but have an installment due soon, please continue to make this payment and once we receive your refund, we will apply the refund to your purchase or adjust your upcoming installments accordingly.

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