Matching a Refund

Here’s everything you need to know about matching a refund

Updated over a week ago

When you receive a refund, we may ask you to match it to your original purchase. This is because the merchant has not given us enough information about which purchase your refund should apply to.

In your Zilch App, a pop up may appear asking you to match your refund to the relevant purchase. Select which purchase you'd like your refund to be applied to and confirm. It is important to note that you cannot amend your return after you have confirmed it, which means the refund should be matched to the correct purchase.

What if I need to match a refund, but the right purchase isn't there?

Our system will allow you to match a refund to any open purchase from the same retailer you received a refund from. If this does not apply, you will then be able to apply it to any open purchases from other retailers. If you do not have any open purchases, you will be able to apply your refund to a closed/fully paid purchase.

We encourage customers to apply their refunds to an open purchase because it reduces the amount due on upcoming installments. This helps us ensure we are lending responsibly.

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